Cargo X-ray Scanners Will Be Installed at Airline’s Hubs in the Pacific Northwest


CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. (February 24, 2017)Alaska Air Cargo ordered Astrophysics, Inc. (Astrophysics) XIS-1517DV 200kV cargo X-ray scanners for its Pacific Northwest airline hubs. These X-ray systems will replace and upgrade aging cargo scanning equipment being phased out of service and standardize Astrophysics’ technology across the airline’s United States facilities.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires all cargo transported on passenger aircraft be 100 percent screened prior to being loaded onto planes. X-ray scanners used for air cargo screening must be TSA-qualified and included in the agency’s list of approved screening technologies. Astrophysics is proud to have eight (8) units qualified by TSA for cargo screening, including the XIS-1517DV 200kV ordered by Alaska Air Cargo.

Regarding the award, Astrophysics, Inc. CEO Francois Zayek stated: “Our XIS-1517DV 200kV cargo X-ray scanners are the perfect solution for Alaska’s critical mission. We are proud to add this machine to their inventory of Astrophysics products.”

cargo x-ray scanners

Astrophysics, Inc. is a Southern California-based world leader in X-ray security scanners that help make hidden threats visible. Operators in 138 countries use the advanced scanning and color imaging features to detect contraband hidden within objects ranging from suitcases to cargo containers. Astrophysics machines are assembled in the U.S. and designed to secure diverse locations that include transportation facilities, critical infrastructure, and ports and borders.