Astrophysics Inc., the No. 1 manufacturer of X-Ray Inspection Systems for the critical infrastructure market, announced it is launching the industry’s first fully-integrated artificial intelligence (AI) X-Ray System. In partnership with Synapse Technology Corporation, Astrophysics now offers their XIS-6040 with integrated AI software Syntech SOLUTION, capable of detecting handguns and knives. The XIS-6040 Syntech SOLUTION product has been extensively quality tested by both Astrophysics and Synapse personnel and is market ready.

Syntech SOLUTION is a combination of Astrophysics imaging technology and Syntech AI. Unlike some add-on software alternatives on the market, the integrated AI software provides a better image, lower false alarm rate, and special features achievable only through integration. Specifically, Syntech SOLUTION automatically stops the conveyor belt and alerts the operator when a threat is detected– a feature not found in any other AI software. Ideally suited for special events and high-threat facilities, this trailblazing technology alleviates concerns over operator error and ensures optimal threat detection. Ultimately, Syntech SOLUTION offers a heightened level of threat detection that cannot be met by any other AI software on the market.

“Our partnership with Synapse Technology exemplifies Astrophysics’ commitment to elevating detection standards and maintaining our position as the leader in x-ray screening technology. “ – Mark Zayek, COO of Astrophysics Inc.

Synapse Technology was recently granted a SAFETY Act DT&E Designation by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which extends liability protections in the event of a terrorist attack. Synapse is the first artificial intelligence platform to ever receive this award.

“AI will revolutionize the security imaging industry, and a direct product integration between Synapse and Astrophysics is the best way to take advantage of this exciting technology.” – Peter Kant, CEO of Synapse Technology.

About Astrophysics Inc:

Astrophysics Inc. was founded in 2002 by CEO and CTO François Zayek, an engineer with a 30-year career specializing in X-Ray imaging technology. Today, Astrophysics is a global security leader with more than 25,000 machines deployed in over 145 countries. Designed and assembled in the U.S., our superior imaging technology, relentless innovation, and commitment to customer service has made Astrophysics the global brand of choice for x-ray security.

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About Synapse Technology Corporation:

Synapse Technology Corporation was initially envisioned in 2009 by Ian Cinnamon, a Forbes “30 Under 30” awardee and engineer who studied Brain and Cognitive Science at MIT and received his MBA from Stanford University. Together with Simanta Gautam and Bruno Faviero, the trio cofounded the company in 2016 to bring AI algorithms to the security market. Synapse is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, USA.

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Angelica Banales – Marketing Manager
Astrophysics Inc