General Specifications

Tunnel Size (W x H):
120 cm x 100 cm/ 47.2” x 39.4”

Dimensions (L x W x H):
286.3 cm x 145.9 cm x 188.7 cm/ 112.7 x 57.5” x 74.3”

X-ray Generator:
180kV, Operating at 165kV

The XIS-1210D is an X-Ray Inspection System offering optimized tunnel dimensions of 120 x 100 cm (47.2” x 39.4”). Significantly, with a low conveyor height of just 30 cm (12”), the XIS-1210D features easy loading of heavy freight and an enlarged tunnel for increased object screening.

The XIS-1210D large capacity screening x ray enhances throughput and ease of use due to its convenient conveyor height. With a standard 180kV generator, the XIS-1210D also boasts high image quality and threat detection accuracy.

Moreover, it offers larger capacity screening with a minimized system profile for heavy object screening in congested sites.

Due to our continued product research and development, Astrophysics Inc. reserves the right to amend all the technical specifications without prior notice.
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