What is Astrophysics, Inc.’s mission?

Astrophysics, Inc. makes hidden threats visible. We manufacture leading X-ray security scanners and offer cutting-edge imaging for any application and budget. Operators in 138 countries use our advanced system features, including 6-Color Imaging and Picture Perfect functionality, to detect threats and contraband hidden within everything from suitcases to cargo containers. Our units adhere to rigorous industry specifications and we offer government-qualified scanners for any security mission.

What markets do you serve?

We deploy X-ray scanners to markets around the world. We installed units in over 138 countries and serve 3 major markets:

  • Transportation & Aviation
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Ports & Borders

See our Markets page for more information about Astrophysics products.

Where are you located?

Our manufacturing operations are based in Southern California. We have a total of 8 offices spread around the world in regions that include the Middle East, India and the Philippines.

Where can I find the latest Astrophysics news?

Astrophysics news and product updates are broadcast across several channels:

Bookmark our Astrophysics Blog for the latest in X-ray news and advice, and follow us on social for the latest Astrophysics updates.

Are you currently hiring?

Astrophysics is always looking for talented, smart, driven individuals who want to join our team. Explore our latest job postings and see whether we have the perfect position for you.




What X-ray systems do you produce?

We design and manufacture X-ray scanners optimized for security screening. Our 40+ X-ray units are divided into 7 major categories:

  • Mail & small parcel inspections
  • Checkpoint security
  • Large baggage systems
  • Cargo scanners
  • Mobile screening solutions
  • Vehicle scanners (High Energy)
  • Metal detectors

See our Products page for more information about each category.

What features do your X-ray units include?

All our X-ray systems include industry-leading features that optimize threat identification and inspection throughput.

See our Standard and Optional Features for more detailed descriptions.

How can I request specific product brochures?

Product brochures are available for all Astrophysics units. To receive a brochure, visit the web page for that specific unit (i.e. XIS-5335S). Click on Request a Brochure or Quote at the bottom of the page. Fill out the fields detailing your request and specify whether you need a product brochure or sales quote. Once you complete the form click Submit and a member of our sales staff will respond to your request.

What do your X-ray scanner names mean?

Our X-ray systems follow a simple naming structure. This structure describes the tunnel dimensions and key features of each unit.

Download Secrets Behind X-ray Scanner Names for a breakdown of this naming structure.

What is the X-ray generator?

The X-ray generator is the main component of every Astrophysics X-ray scanner. Generators produce gamma X-rays that penetrate objects and allow operators to inspect their contents.

Download our X-ray Technology Comparison Chart for more information about 4 different X-rays and their uses.

Can your X-ray units be customized?

Yes – we work closely with our customers to understand their needs and customize X-ray units that meet their specific security mission.

Are you ISO 9000 certified?

We are an ISO 9000 certified organization. The ISO 9000 standard is based on strong customer focus, process approach and continual improvement.

Visit the ISO website for more information about the certification.




How do I choose the right X-ray scanner?

The most important aspects to weigh when choosing an X-ray system include tunnel size, generator power, software capability, and imaging features.

Download our How to Choose An X-Ray Machine whitepaper for more information about choosing the right scanner.

Are your X-ray scanners TSA qualified?

Certain units are Transportation Security Administration (TSA) certified and our scanners also have the following additional certifications:

  • TSA Qualified (United States): XIS-1080, -1080D, -5878, -6040,  -6545, -6545DV, -7858, -100X, -100XD, -100XDV, -100XDX, -1517, -1517 200kV, -1517DV 200kV, -1818, -1818 320kV, -1818DV 200kV, -1818DV 320kV, and the 6545VI.
  • Safety Act Designated (United States): XIS-1080, -5878, -6040,  -6545, -6545DV, -7858, -100X, -100XD, -100XDV, -1517, -1818, and -1818 320kV.
  • Service Technique de l’Aviation Civile (STAC) Certified (France & Europe): XIS-1080D, -100XDV, -100XDX, -1517 200kV, -1517DV 200kV, -1818 200kV, and -1818DV 200kV.
  • Transport Canada (TC) Air Cargo Security (ACS) Certified (Canada): XIS-100X, -100XD, -100XDV, -100XDX, -1517 200kV, -1517DV 200kV, -1818 200kV, and -1818DV 200kV.
  • Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) Certified (India): XIS-1080, -1080D, -5335, -5335S, -6040, -6545, -7858, -1517, and -1818.


Do you offer GSA pricing?

We offer GSA pricing for qualified customers.

See GSA Schedule Contract GS-07F-0182T for more information.

How can I talk to your Sales Team?

We have knowledgeable sales representatives ready to help you select the perfect X-ray system.

The best way to connect with our Sales Team is to submit a Sales Inquiry form.

You can also call Astrophysics headquarters at +1 (909) 598-5488 and ask to speak with a Sales Representative directly.

Where can you ship and install X-ray scanners?

We can ship and install X-ray scanners anywhere in the world. We manufacture over 2,000 units each year and have installed X-ray scanners in 138 different countries – we work closely with you to ensure your units are delivered on time to your required destination.

What do I need to know before installing an X-ray scanner?

We recommend answering the following questions before installing your X-ray system:

  • Do I enough space to accommodate the machine?
  • Do I have a fork lift or other means of moving the machine into place for installation?
  • Do I have ample power / electricity for the machine?
  • Are our entrances and doorways large enough to accommodate the machine?

How can I provide feedback about my Astrophysics experience?

We welcome all customer comments, reviews, and feedback – we want to hear what you have to say!

Sharing your opinions is as simple as filling out and submitting a Customer Feedback form. Once we receive your feedback we will gladly follow-up regarding any questions or concerns you have.




What technical services do you offer?

We have Astrophysics Certified Engineers in more than 100 countries that can provide immediate customer service responses. Our systems share common components which results in lower maintenance costs and less wait time for parts.




How safe are your X-ray scanners?

Our scanners adhere to strict radiation safety standards. Operators and civilians using or interacting with our machines are exposed to radiation well below levels mandated by government agencies.

What safety features do you include on your X-ray machines?

Our scanners have numerous safety features including interlocks, operator foot mats, protective lead paneling, emergency stops (e-stops), warning lights, and key switches.

Can X-rays damage cell phones, laptops, or film?

Extensive testing has been done exposing cell phones and computers to long periods of radiation, and the testing has concluded X-rays do not damage those devices. Additional testing also revealed X-ray screening has no visible effect on still camera film.




How does a company become an official Astrophysics Dealer?

Companies interested in becoming official Astrophysics Dealers should contact the Astrophysics Sales Team at sales@astrophysicsinc.com.

Interested parties will be connected with a Sales Manager from their geographic location, and they will be evaluated to determine whether both parties can achieve a viable joint venture.

How do Dealers schedule Astrophysics Service Training?

Please email questions concerning Astrophysics Service Training to training@astrophysicsinc.com.  

How do Dealers access the Astrophysics Extranet?

Please email questions concerning Extranet accounts and password resets to marketing@astrophysicsinc.com.