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Aviation & Transportation

Identify hidden treats in carry-on items and checked baggage at airports and transport hubs.
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We have all witnessed the long security lines, the stringent carry-on regulations and the notorious pat downs that define aviation security. As new threats emerge daily, the efficiency of airports and detection accuracy.

With Superior image quality and innovative features including 6 Color Imaging for increased object identification and Screener Assist for automatic programmable detection, Astrophysics provides operators with the advanced tools required for quick and reliable airport screening. Our Computer Based Training (CBT) software is also available to improve operator’s x-ray knowledge, image manipulation skills and detection accuracy.

To screen carry-on luggage, checked baggage and cargo, Astrophysics has a diverse product line of airport security scanners to meet your screening needs. We also offer fully integrated security solutions including walkthroughs, remote workstations, and extended roller tables to custom fit your space requirements. With systems deployed in airports around the globe, we are your solution to successful aviation screening.


It is essential that our transportation hubs including the metro, railroad, cruise ships and more maintain passenger safety. Astrophysics x-ray systems are ideally suited to screen personal bags and luggage for threats including explosives, knives, guns and other weapons and contraband.

With Climate Operation Kits for extreme temperature conditions and Mobility Kits with wheels and handles for easy relocation, Astrophysics systems have the flexibility to fit your screening environment.

With the most advanced x-ray technology, depend on Astrophysics systems to keep the line moving and your passengers safe.