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Customs & Borders

Astrophysics systems are heavy duty and cost effective, providing a durable solution to customs and border control screening.
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We understand that customs and border control environments can mean mountains, deserts, challenging terrain and various climate conditions. With this in mind we have designed durable border control x ray security scanners with heavy duty mechanical components. In addition, we have engineered the systems so they can be easily customized to fit the varying environment.

Climate Operating Kits

Astrophysics offers two Climate Operating Kits, the Polar Kit and the Tropical Kit. The Polar Kit features a generator mounted heating pad to ensure functionality in extreme cold. The Tropical Kit includes additional fans and humidity control devices within the system so the unit maintains an operational temperature within high heat, precipitation and humidity. Our customized Climate Operating Kits adapt the system to withstand extreme temperatures, as well as wind, rain, snow and more.

Vehicle Screening

For vehicle screening needs, we offer the HXP Portal which is used to inspect cargo in trucks, containers and vehicles. We also have the HXC-320, which is a Vehicle Scanner that is specifically designed to scan cars and motor vehicles with a height of 2.7 meters and a width of 2.6 meters. The HXC-320 scans vehicles to identify hidden contraband, such as smuggled goods, explosives, narcotics and weapons.

Mobile Vehicles

For mobile screening needs, we offer the XIS-Minivan, XIS-Van and XIS-Trailer featuring tunnel dimensions 100 cm x 100 cm (39.4” x 39.4”) and is ideal for screening parcels, baggage and freight for explosives and contraband. The XIS-Minivan has a smaller vehicle profile for security in limited spaces while the larger XIS-Van is built for use on rugged and urban terrain. The XIS-Trailer provides a flexible screening solution for indoor and outdoor security application and transport as required. As standard, each includes a high-powered 180 kV generator, a climate controlled cabin with air conditioning, and exterior lighting.