Optional Features

Beyond our comprehensive standard features, we also offer optional features that include advanced software, configuration options and accessories. We explore a few key features below. Please note additional features and customization options may be available upon request. For more information about Astrophysics or our optional features, please contact us directly.


CBT is a 2 part Operator and Simulator Course designed to enhance operators’ threat detection and x-ray image interpretation skills. Designed for single and dual view systems, the CBT is provided on CD or via online link for convenient training on any standard computer or laptop. In the 2-4 hour Operator Course, CBT covers x-ray screening fundamentals, and a step-by-step walkthrough of the AOCP and Astrophysics software features. The 5-10 hour Simulator Course is customized to Astrophysics AOCP and tests operators on their screening ability, targeting their weaknesses and generating detailed training reports. With comprehensive operator training exercises and an extensive simulator library of over 1000 innocent and threat images, CBT is a highly effective training program. Please refer to the Astrophysics CBT and Dual View CBT brochures for more detailed information.


The Screener Assist Software is an advanced real-time detection tool designed to aid operators in identifying explosives. The software specifically searches for explosives as they are often the most difficult threat for operators to detect. Astrophysics Screener Assist Software analyzes each screened image and automatically identifies and isolates explosives with a red ellipse for heightened detection.


TIP is a valuable detection tool for operators and administrators. The software has a large library with a range of threat objects and operates by periodically inserting a threat object into a scanned image. When a threat object is detected, operators push the “Suspect” button on the AOCP to signify they recognize the threat. If the operator fails to identify a threat, the system will pause and the threat object will flash on the screen to notify the operator of the missed threat. TIP exposes operators to various threat objects and further practice in threat identification. Moreover, TIP enables administrators to evaluate the threat detection capabilities of operators and ensure they are screening effectively. The TIP software may be enabled or disabled as desired from the administrator menu so as not to disrupt the standard screening process.