What is the best way to secure my facility? What are the advantages of X-rays (versus ETD and metal detectors) for checkpoint security? How much steel can an X-ray generator penetrate? Why are X-ray scanner names so complicated? 

Have you ever found yourself struggling with these questions? Fear not – security professionals around the world ask these questions on a daily basis. What you need is a knowledgeable partner to help navigate these perplexing issues. When it comes to X-ray security, Astrophysics is that perfect partner.

At Astrophysics, our mission is to deliver advanced imaging technology at incredible values. We tailor each X-ray system to our customers’ unique security requirements. And we want to be the go-to resource for X-ray security products and information. With those goals in mind, we are proud to debut the Astrophysics Blog!

This blog will serve as a knowledge resource for X-ray related issues and shed light on our company’s staff and culture. If you have any X-ray questions, we want your first stop to be the Astrophysics Blog. We will be publishing posts on a regular basis, so be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter for the latest updates!

And now we want to give you a gift, a small thank you for visiting our blog. We developed a helpful guide to deciphering Astrophysics X-ray unit names. You no longer need to wonder what XIS-6040M means – read on to discover the answers! And be sure to check back often for insightful answers to all your X-ray security questions.


X-ray Name Breakdown