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Cargo systems utilize powerful generators to screen loose, bulk, and palletized freight shipments. Designed to meet the strict regulatory standards of the world’s leading aviation authorities, including TSA, STAC, and Air Canada, they allow airlines and cargo carriers to keep pace with accelerating demand.


Multi-View CT™

Advanced system that combines multi-view x-ray transmission and CT scanning to allow full 360 degrees of scanned cargo.


Efficient solution for screening heavy bags and bulky objects with a low conveyor that eases loading and unloading.

Practical solution for small and medium checkpoints offering image enhancement software that ensures greater accuracy and throughput.

Dual-view system with a small footprint and advanced data software that improves image clarity and object recognition.

Versatile solution well-suited to screening luggage, oversized baggage and dolly-sized crates.

Unique system with a symmetrical downshooter that generates clear, detailed images of scanned objects.

Ideal solution for baggage checkpoints that allows operators to carry out efficient and effective inspections.

High-capacity, modular screening system with a downshooter generator that produces high-quality scans with less distortion.

Modular, dual-view system with a detachable sideshooter allowing for easier deployment in confined environments.

Dual-view system with modular design and detachable sideshooter allowing for deployment in more locations.

Modular x-ray system designed for easy installation and integration into existing screening networks.

Reliable system capable of screening all ISO standard pallets and cargo skids, equipped with a heavy roller conveyor for loading freight.

High-powered screening system with a 200kV generator designed to penetrate tightly packed cargo.

High-penetration system with powerful x-ray that generates detailed scans of freight shipments for quick and accurate screening decisions.

Dual-view system with 200kV generators that create clearly defined images of heavy cargo pallets.

Advanced dual-view system with high-powered generators that delivers clear imaging and enhanced steel penetration.

Large cargo system that enables rapid and accurate inspection of complex cargo skids.

Large cargo system with powerful generators enabling enhanced steel penetration and improved cargo inspections.

Dual-view system with 200kV generators perfect for scanning dense, bulky cargo pallets.

Powerful dual-view system with enhanced steel penetration and high-contrast imaging for improved screening and throughput.

Advanced system that combines multi-view x-ray transmission and CT scanning to allow full 360 degrees of scanned cargo.

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