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Astrophysics excels at delivering integrated checkpoint solutions. We consult with customers to optimize security, creating comprehensive checkpoints with walkthrough and handheld detectors. Drawing on nearly two decades of experience installing security equipment, our project managers offer the knowledge and experience needed to create effective solutions.

Handheld Metal Detector


Pinpoint metals, including ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel objects. Handhelds are immune to interference from external metal masses, making them ideal for quick, reliable inspections.

Walkthrough Metal Detector


Detects metal, including ferrous, non-ferrous, and non-magnetic alloys. Walkthroughs detect threats with few false alarms, allowing people to move quickly through a checkpoint without compromising security.



Hand-held metal detector with advanced detection and signaling features. Ergonomic grip ensures quick, clean inspections.



High-throughput metal detector. Discriminates between threatening and non-threatening items. Ideal for high traffic areas.

HI-PE Plus

hi pe

Advanced metal detector that pinpoints the metal objects’ locations. Identifies threats and their composition.

PMD2 Plus

(Panel & Column versions)


Reliable metal detector that accurately identifies full range of metallic objects. Customized alarm signals ensure smooth traffic flow.

PMD2 Plus Elliptic

(Panel & Column versions)

pmd panel

Elegant metal detector ideal for sophisticated surroundings. Powerful sensors conduct accurate and customized screenings.


(Panel & Column versions)

pmd panel

Ruggedized metal detector designed for outdoor events. Detects full range of heavy and light metals with unmatched precision.

SMD600 Plus

(Panel & Column versions)


A sensitive metal detector with built-in security programs to optimize traffic at crowded checkpoints.

SMD601 Plus

(Panel & Column versions)


A finely tuned metal detector designed to screen for extremely small objects. Capable of locating multiple items simultaneously.


(Panel & Column versions)


A user-friendly metal detector that is easy to transport and install, ideal for screening guests at multiple locations.

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