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Mail parcel screening systems are compact solutions designed to inspect small objects, including parcels, packages, and postal deliveries, as well as personal items such as wallets, purses, and backpacks. Their small footprint allows them to provide security in locations normally inaccessible to standard inspection systems.
xis s mail parcel scanner
Space-saving solution with a compact footprint, this scanner is ideal for deployment in tight spaces where other x-ray scanners cannot fit. Perfect for mail parcel security scanning.

Compact system that fits through standard doorways and offers high-quality imaging for screening small parcels.

Space-saving solution with a compact footprint, ideal for deployment in tight spaces other x-ray scanners cannot fit.

Our most popular x-ray system, having demonstrated unsurpassed image quality and field reliability at screening checkpoints around the world.

Ideal for sites that require flexible security, this system’s added mobility features allow for quick relocation and deployment.

Compact solution with a narrow frame designed to fit in spaces that cannot accommodate larger x-ray scanners.

Narrow design paired with high-mobility features allow for rapid redeployment in areas not designed for standard x-ray scanners.

Unique mobile system designed for rapid deployment with optional imaging features that detect guns and knives with incredible accuracy.

High-performance system equipped with advanced imaging tools allowing operators to make quick and informed inspection decisions.

Dual-view system that provides operators with additional viewing angles to carry out real-time assessments of challenging bags and parcels.

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