Critical Infrastructure


the Conventional in Critical Infrastructure

Astrophysics Inc.’s x-ray scanners deliver comprehensive solutions that uncover threats in our communities and cities. Our systems ensure the safety and security of critical infrastructure sites worldwide.
Astrophysics Inc.’s mobile checkpoint systems allow for easy relocation and movement through narrow doorways, delivering security and peace of mind for visitors, students, and staff.
Our enhanced imaging software increases object visibility and allow officers to identify and secure weapons and contraband before it enters prisons and courthouses.
Our high-performance x-ray scanners enable fast and accurate inspections of bags and purses, ensuring safety without disrupting traffic flow at busy events.
Our scanners’ sleek designs blend into hospitality and commercial environments, assuring guests that they are protected by the world’s most advanced screening technology.
Astrophysics Inc.’s ruggedized systems are designed to operate in harsh environments, helping soldiers establish secure bases on the front-line.
Our robust screening technology makes it possible to screen passengers quickly, without impacting traffic flow at metro stations and transit hubs.

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