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Astrophysics offers TSA qualified products that combine technology, value and reliability you can depend on.
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XIS-1818DV 200kV
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We are experts in the cargo market. We stay current on TSA regulations and can assist you when selecting tunnel dimensions, dual view and generator power options to find the system that best fits your screening needs. Astrophysics has 18 TSA qualified x ray security scanners on the Air Cargo Screening Technology List (ACSTL). Please refer to our Cargo Brochure PDF for more information. Contact us today to find your air cargo solution.


X-Ray, physical search and Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) all qualify as successful screening methods to meet the TSA requirement. Physical search requires manpower and time, and grows more expensive as volume increases. ETD is not always an ideal solution with a guessing game of location swabbing and ongoing consumables costs. We believe x-ray screening provides the most thorough primary screening option at the lowest long term cost. Even with an extended warranty, after 5 years the cost of an x-ray system could be comparable, if not significantly less, than the cost of the ETD alternative and requires no consumables. With the technology and quality of screening, x-ray is the superior solution to cargo screening. Please contact us to receive more information on our elite line of Cargo systems, a detailed discussion of TSA regulations, screening methodologies and comprehensive cost comparisons.


Astrophysics offers an advanced Screener Assist feature that allows operators to input a specific range of atomic numbers that correlate with the threat or contraband they wish to target. Screener Assist increases detection efficiency and throughput and reduces reliance on human interpretation.

TSA Regulations

As part of the U.S. 9/11 Commission Act, in 2010 the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) mandated that 100% of all airfreight traveling on both domestic and inbound U.S. passenger planes be screened at piece level. To avoid bottleneck in the shipping process, TSA has allowed airlines as well as freight forwarders, independent air carriers and third parties to become Certified Cargo Screening Facilities (CCSF’s), pushing the screening requirement further back in the shipping chain. There are layered requirements to become a CCSF, including security measures on screening, training, access control and personnel. Currently, there are approximately 1,250 CCSF’s in the U.S.