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Goods are imported and exported all over the world every day. In order to protect our ports, airports and border crossings against threats, government entities need to be able to quickly search through trucks and containers without delaying commerce.

Astrophysics is dedicated to helping agencies such as border patrol, customs, and police, to detect contraband, weapons, explosives, fraudulent trade items, and other security threats with our container and vehicle screening solutions. Our high energy X-ray screening systems are designed to inspect trucks, containers and vehicles for these threats as well as the verifications of manifests. With an easy drive-through process, automated operation and high throughput, the need for manual inspection is reduced and high-volume cargo inspection locations will not be set back.

For vehicle screening needs, we offer the HXP Portal which is used to inspect cargo in trucks, containers and vehicles. We also have the HXC-320, which is a Vehicle Scanner that is specifically designed to scan cars and motor vehicles with a height of 2.7 meters and a width of 2.6 meters. The HXC-320 scans vehicles to identify hidden contraband, such as smuggled goods, explosives, narcotics and weapons.