• Critical Infrastructures
    Access control for prisons, courthouses, mailrooms, hotel entrances and military bases.
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  • Aviation & Transportation
    Airport entrances and perimeters, air cargo, and checkpoint technology.
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  • Ports & Borders
    Border control, sea ports, and other large cargo sectors.
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  • Air Cargo
    Offering TSA Qualified products that combine technology, value and reliability you can depend on.
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  • Military
    Wherever the deployment, Astrophysics ensures the safety of your soldiers in mailrooms, entry-points, warehouses, planes and bases.
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  • Law Enforcement
    Astrophysics has innovative technology, easy servicing and the best value systems for deployment at police stations, courthouses and prisons.
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  • Government
    We are global leaders in government security, providing the highest quality x-ray systems to government agencies, embassies and international organizations.
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  • Customs & Borders
    Astrophysics systems are heavy duty and cost effective, providing a durable solution to customs and border control screening.
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  • Corporate & Hotel
    Threat detection to keep personnel safe at corporate and hotel sites, as well as schools, hospitals and private sector locales.
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Mail & Small Parcel

Compact and mobile systems for mailroom and small parcel inspection to detect contraband, narcotics and other threat materials.

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Checkpoint inspection of incoming personnel, visitor or traveler belongings, including backpacks, laptop bags, purses and luggage.

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Large Baggage

Inspection systems with an increased tunnel size for screening baggage, oversized luggage and large crates and parcels.

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TSA qualified systems for cargo screening of boxes, freight and pallets. Dual view and high penetration systems are available.

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Mobile Screening

Mobile screening solutions for quick and efficient security at borders, customs sites, entertainment and sporting events.

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Vehicle screening solutions to protect our ports, border crossings and other entrances against threats and other illegal items.

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  • U.S.A TSA Air Cargo
  • Transport Canada Air Cargo
  • France STAC Cargo

Astrophysics Inc.
High Quality X-Ray Screening Systems

Astrophysics, Inc., headquartered in Southern California, is the new leader in conventional X-ray security technology. As a global engineering and manufacturing company, Astrophysics provides security screening solutions for aviation, air cargo, military, law enforcement and other mission-critical applications, for the detection of weapons, explosives and contraband. Our recent developments with the Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology Directorate, have propelled X-ray security scanner technology to new heights. Because we are a company solely concentrated on X-ray imaging, we are able to provide the highest quality technology at an incredible value, unlike any other company in this industry

All Astrophysics systems are made in the U.S. for the best in detection, performance and reliability. From quote to delivery, install to follow-up, we want to ensure you are impressed by the quality of our customer service, after sales support, service capability and product value.

Contact us today to find your security solution.

Customer Reviews

The Astrophysics Team is great to deal with. All of our needs have always been met right from the beginning.

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Service & Support

Astrophysics products have high rates of reliability, however if problems arise, our service team is committed to providing a quick response and a positive customer service experience. Learn more about Astrophysics Service Department and our service network of global support here.